5-bullet Friday – April 28, 2017

Every Friday I put together a short list of five things I’m enjoying currently. Here’s this week’s list!

Stranger Things on Netflix – I binge-watched this entire series early this week. The series fictionalizes events during MKULTRA experiments in the 80s and is full of psychics, interdimensional monsters, and parallel universes. If you like conspiracy theories and Netflix specials, this one is for you. (They also feature float tanks!)

Quitting something you love (blog post by Derek Sivers) – I’ve been following Derek Sivers since his interview on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Sivers founded CD Baby and is a fellow INTJ. That’s probably why I find myself so in-line with his thinking. This week was a big change for me career-wise, as I left a career which I loved to follow an obviously better opportunity. Life was pushing me along to make a change, and I was hanging on as tight as I can. True freedom sometimes comes from letting go of your perceived control.

MycoIMMUNE™ by Natural Stacks – This is one of my favorite supplements that features my favorite mushroom, Chaga! It makes me feel really good when I take it, and it’s a must for travel! I’ve experimented with tons of different supplements, and this is one that consistently delivers.

How to Pray Salah According to the Maliki Madhhab –  Mufti Abu Layth put out this amazingly well-produced video on how to pray in the Maliki Madhhab. It’s a must-watch if you’re interested in Islamic jurisprudence.

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria – The Atlantic put out this article about the tragedy that is Google’s book scanning project. Google was borrowing truckloads of books from the biggest libraries in the United States to create an online library that is completely unparalleled. The best information is still held in books, and no tech company has been able to combat the copyright nightmare that is book publishing. They figured out how to scan all these books super efficiently, and then had to leave the project mostly unfinished due to publisher lawsuits. Eventually, digitization of these books will be a cultural imperative, but for now, it’s on a long pause.

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