5-bullet Friday – May 12, 2017

Every week I put together lists of 5 things I’m enjoying at the moment. I’ve recently started to enjoy audiobooks, so you’ll find two in this list that I’m currently listening to.

  • Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman is a fascinating retelling of Norse myths with a modern voice. Neil Gaiman recorded the audiobook himself and does a fantastic job. I don’t generally enjoy fiction, but this book is compelling and exciting enough to keep me interested. The audiobook is about a 7 hour listen.
  • Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock tells the story of ancient wisdom found at the archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. I’ve only listened to the first chapter so far and it’s incredibly exciting how Graham breaks down the ancient symbolism in the site’s iconography. For those of you who like ancient history (with a hint of conspiracy theory), this one is a must-listen.
  • Get Me Roger Stone – I’m currently watching this documentary on Netflix. Roger Stone is an agent provocateur who was instrumental in the Nixon campaign and the Donald Trump campaign. Political operatives run a nasty business.

  • When Christians First Met Muslims is a book of source material of early Syriac writings largely ignored by western scholarship. The author has a great introduction about the Muslim conquests of Syria and the schism that occurred during Heraclius’ time. The introduction is very accessible to the average reader, but the fragments and documents in the book are very dense and not very reader friendly. However, this is an amazing work of scholarship.
  • I finally got an Audible subscription after hearing hundreds of ads for it on various podcasts. The subscription gives you 1 audiobook credit each month, which does incentivise me to actually get new audiobooks. I usually look for audiobooks read by the original author (most readers are surprisingly bland). If you find yourself wanting to read more books, this is a good way to do that while driving!

Bonus! Listen to this interview with Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan’s show to get a quick overview of some of the topics covered in Magicians of the Gods: